Here Is How Your Face Can Show You Which Nutrients You Lack!

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There are cases in which a person is in lack of some essential nutrient for the body, but it’s not even aware of that deficiency. In this article we will teach you how to be aware and learn to recognize the deficiency  of nutrients throughout your face.

Facial Signs Of Nutritional Deficiencies

Red And White Acne On Your Cheeks

Kind of Nutritional Deficiency: Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin A, D

How to Get It: The intake of oily fishes like salmon or sardines will help a lot. Also you are advised to consume flax seed, walnuts, carrots, yogurt, cheese and egg yolks for this purpose.

Pale Lips

Kind of Nutritional Deficiency: Iron

How to Get It: You sure know that some of the greatest sources of iron are spinach, red meat, beans and fish. This deficiency is not something that you should laugh at, since it can cause some major health issues.One of the best sources of iron are red meat, spinach, beans, and fish.

Cracks At The Corners Of Your Mouth

Type of Nutritional Deficiency: Zinc, B vitamins, protein

How to Get It: If you notice some cracks at the corners of your mouth then you should know that in most of the cases those cracks are a sign of zinc, vitamin B or protein deficiency. Eating spinach, poultry, milk, rajma, cheese, egg yolk, nuts and fish will improve your condition and this deficiency will be gone soon.

Red Scaly Rash

The red scaly rash on your face usually means that you suffer from biotin deficiency. Sometimes this deficiency can be shown trough depression and fatigue. You mustn’t allow this to happen because it can reflect bad on your skin and hair.

Type of Nutritional Deficiency: vitamin B7 (biotin)

How to Get It: The thing you should do comes down to increased intake of chicken meat, potatoes, spinach, fish and dairy products.

Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a symptom of  iodine deficiency. If you notice that your face skin is dry and you have gained weight, then it’s time to start consuming foods with iodine.

Type of Nutritional Deficiency: Iodine

How to Get It: Consume more salt, potatoes, cheese, bananas and strawberries.


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