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How Much Water You Should Drink for Your Weight?

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When we say water is source of life, that sounds so obvious that is even funny to say it. But do we really understand the point of this sentence ?  Among other things, our body is consisted by 60% of water.

The thing is that we constantly lose water from out bodies. The first reason why water is so important for our life, is that if our body consists 60% water, and if we lose water all the time through sweating, peeing, than what is left for our body?

Researchers have found that one man loses about 6.3 cups of water during the day through urine, and 4 cups through breathing, sweating and bowel movements.


Water has a lot of health and beauty benefits, so try to hold on to this list and see the effects on your body, skin and whole health.

Throughout a lot of researches experts managed to discover the right amount of water that should be taken in 1 day.

So if you think that this matters to you, and it definitely should, look at the numbers bellow and see if  you are drinking enough water that will satisfy the needs of your organism.

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