7 Foods That Will Help Your Body To Smell Good

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Our body radiates different kinds of smells and some of them are not considered to be pleasant or nice. In most of the cases the terribly unpleasant smell is a result of an unhealthy diet hence you will have to change some things in it or just add some foods that will significantly improve this smell.

In the following text we’ll list you the foods that can help your body smell good.

Our body radiates different kinds of smells and some of them are not considered to be pleasant or nice.


Due to their properties they have an impact on the pH levels of the skin, so they can prevent any bacteria to appear on the skin and cause the bad smell.

Our suggestion is to start the day with lemon water. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon before anything else in the morning and you will feel much more energized.

You can also use lemon topically on the armpits and feet in order to improve their smell. Just cut a lemon and rub it on those areas. Then let it dry and take a shower at the end.


Tomatoes are vegetables with acidic properties which are responsible for fighting the bad odor. You can try to eat tomatoes on a daily basis and in addition you can rub cut tomato on the places affected with bad odor and take a shower afterwards.


This tea is rich in antioxidants that  are extremely helpful when it comes to eliminating the bad breath and body odor.

In order to use the antioxidants for this purpose you need to put 2 tbsp. of this tea in one cup of boiling water. Then let the tea boil for another 7 minutes and strain it. For the purpose of eliminating bad body smell you should drink 2 cups of this tea every day.


Take a spoon of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for a minute or two. Then spill it out, brush your teeth and feel the  difference.


Your body can smell very nice if you choose sage leaves. These leaves should be used for tea preparation, so the same procedure as above, let them stay in boiling water for 5-7 minutes and strain. It could be even more helpful if you  add some lemon juice in the sage tea.


Cinnamon is another effective natural cure for bad breath.  Prepare yourself a nice cinnamon tea by using 1 cinnamon stick .


The antibacterial properties of the parsley shouldn’t be taken for granted. They will aid your body to detox and eliminate the bad smell.

You will need 1 tbs. of parsley and 1 cup of hot water previously boiled. Let the parsley stay in hot water for 5 minutes and strain it afterwards. Drink it as you normally drink tea or use it as a mouth wash if it has cooled down.

At the end we are only left to say that all of the above mentioned methods for removing bad body smell are proven to be effective. You should choose the one the suits you and be persistent at completing your goal.

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We hope that you will find our article helpful, so if you do feel free to share it with your family and friends. Thank you.

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